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Pre-session wardrobe consultation

Hair & Makeup

Professional hair styling and makeup application

Photo Shoot

Fully guided photo session

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Digital reveal of best captures


Full retouching of selected poses

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Q: Who are head shot sessions for?

A: Head shot sessions are for business owners or professionals (both men and women) who need their image to be displayed on their business cards, brochures, social media sites or their website.

Q: What’s the difference between a conventional head shot and a personal branding portrait?

A: Personal branding portraits reveal much more personality. They are more relaxed and modern in style. The posing is also more contemporary. Both conventional head shots and personal branding portraits have their time and place. We can discuss your style and needs during our free-of-charge, no obligation consultation.

Q: How long is a head shot session?

A: Head shot sessions typically last half an hour to 45 minutes. If you choose to have makeup done here at our studio, the entire service including photo session will last up to 3 hours.

Q: What clothing should I wear?

A: It entirely depends on your occupation and what image you want to project. Let’s say, if you are a lawyer, you should wear a suit. If you are a home builder, more casual clothing is more suitable.
We will discuss all these details during our free-of-charge, no obligation consultation.

Q: How much is your head shot or personal branding session?

A: The session is $390 and it includes professional makeup application and hair styling done at my studio. It also includes (2) two portraits of your choice delivered to you by digital download.
If you don’t need hair & makeup services, the cost is $290.

Q: How do I schedule a head shot session?

A: You can book your free-of-charge no obligation consultation, or contact me via e-mail with the dates that are most convenient for you. We will schedule time for both the consultation and the actual session.

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