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Your Luxury Portrait Session Experience Includes:

Concept & Style

Pre-session concept and wardrobe consultation

Hair & Makeup

Professional hair styling & makeup application


“Model for a day” photo shoot experience at a location of your choice

Artistic Enhancement

Full retouching & artistic enhancement of your portraits

The Reveal

Portrait reveal and ordering session

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Q: I have never heard of “teen” portrait session. Who are they for?

A: Teen portrait sessions are designed for girls who are transitioning into young ladies. It’s a very tricky and sometimes difficult age when girls are growing into their new body and they quite often feel insecure about themselves. This model-style photo session experience will help them with their self-esteem and self-confidence!

Q: Can moms take part in the session as well?

A: Yes, absolutely! We have found that this is an extremely bonding experience for mom and her daughter(s) which helps to bridge the gap that might be developing during the teen years.

Q: Where do teen session take place?

A: Our teen sessions usually take place at my studio in Vestal NY, however if it’s your preference to meet at another location, I am open to suggestions!

Q: Where do HS sessions take place?

A: High School senior sessions usually take place at a location that matches the personality of my model. To give you an example, it could be a peaceful park setting or more urban area such as downtown.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear?

A: For both teen and HS Senior sessions, I suggest wearing clothing that matches your personality. We will have time for several wardrobe changes, so you will have a good variety of styles. If you would like to explore some fancy, sparkly dresses as an option, I have some in my studio wardrobe that you are welcome to use free of charge.

Q: Are hair styling and makeup included?

A: Yes, both hair styling and makeup application are included in the session fee. They are done by professional makeup artists and hair stylists at our studio in Vestal.

Q: How much does the photo session cost?

A: The session fee is $690 and it covers professional makeup application and hair styling. It also includes $500 credit toward your purchase of a portrait collection. Please, feel welcome to contact Agata for a detailed and most up-to-date pricing guide: 607-229-8896

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, we offer payment plans! There is a down payment required at the time you place an order for your portraits. The amount of the down payment depends on the total purchase. A minimum payment of $100 per month is required after that.

Q: How do I schedule my portrait session?

A: First, we would love to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary pre-session consultation. We will discuss your style and your vision for the session in detail to make sure that your High School Senior session experience will meet your expectations.
The session fee is required to book your session.

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